Next Best Prophecy
A fantasy novel by Paul Ekert

Transported by a mispronounced spell to a magical world of Princesses, Knights and an unaccountably smelly Wizard; Peter Bracknell finds his status shifting from a man born to the mantle of monotony, to a Living Legend destined to rid the world of an Ancient Evil.

Peter suspects they have the wrong man, but convincing others of this will prove no easy task.

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Random Moments
A novel by Paul Ekert

John Random is a man with an addiction. He likes to kill people. That's okay, because that's his job. But when some down-time between one assignment and the next stretches for too long, Random starts to look for trouble. He starts to find other ways to feed his addiction.

Random Moments. A portrait of addiction.

This novel is in development. Please contact the writer for a full version of the book.
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